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Questions for: College Staff

Questions for:

College Staff


The following is a useful checklist to use when visiting or comparing colleges. We’ve tried to cover many of these areas in this guide.

• What is the philosophy of the college, and how does it differ from that of other colleges?

• What are the entrance requirements and procedures for application?

• Are the fees all-inclusive, or are there additional charges, for example for the supervision of cases or clinics?

• What are these extra fees likely to amount to each year?

• What is the class size?

• What resources does the college have?

• How are students assessed (test, exam, self assessment, portfolio etc.)?

• Is there evidence of networking and peer-group support?

• How is the student’s voice heard within the college?

• Is there any possibility of inter-professional contact with other practitioners whilst at college, or tasters of other therapies?

• How are problems resolved, and does the college have a clear complaints procedure?

• Is time built into the syllabus for business development skills?

• Is support provided after leaving the college and starting up in practice?

• Is the course HCPF  QAVS s approved or an HCPF  QAVS s applicant? If not, why not?