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Salisbury Homeopathy College

Homeopathy Course:

Salisbury Homeopathy College


College Name:
Salisbury Homeopathy College

60 Wagstaff Way,
SP2 9BF.

Phone-Number: 01722 679 709
Principal: Annie Batchelor – 01722 670 709

Type of Course:
Part-time – 10 week-ends a year for 4 years.

Year 1 £2150, year 2 £2250, year 3 £2350, year 4 £2450 set for 2015/6.

What other expenses are to be expected?
Some additional book costs (£100-£150 approx.) and clinical and supervision fees in year 3 and 4.

Entry requirement:
Education to A level standard or equivalent.
Your life experience and achievements can be taken into consideration in lieu of formal qualifications.
Returners to study are welcome and supported.
Confidence in spoken and written English is essential.
Basic computer skills/word.
Willingness to be self motivated with suitable study time, space and organisation.

Time commitment for each of the following: (contact time, study time and clinical training)
Contact time – 12 hours a week-end over 10 week-ends – 120 hours a year.
10-20 hours per week of guided study.

What facilities does your college offer: 
We are located in the centre of this busy market and cathedral city so amenities for breaks, lunch and evening entertainment are very good. We are also in reach of beautiful countryside and coast for accompanying families. We have regular social evenings with informal and formal dinners throughout the year. Full catering kitchen facilities enable us to share lunches or for students to cook what they bring in.

We offer an extensive hard copy library as well as placing many extra articles and papers on our shared college website. All lecture handouts are similarly uploaded for easy access. Tutors are dedicated to a year, and offer mid point support in between the attending weekends of study. Mainly one-to-one, these tutorials are student led. Tutors also offer a group activity if the year group requests.

How can prospective students find out more about your course before committing to study with you?

What are your term dates/college weekends:
October 2018 – June 2019 – Contact us directly for more details

Course Information

blueCrossWhat do you consider to be the main strengths of your course?


blueCrossWhat different learning styles are offered and how are they supported?


blueCrossHow is clinical training delivered and when do students start to see patients?


blueCrossHow are students supported during their training and beyond?


blueCrossHow do students develop the skills to balance and maintain their own health and wellbeing, whilst functioning as an effective practitioner?


blueCrossHow is progress assessed?


blueCrossHow are your teachers supported and enabled to teach well?


blueCrossIs there anything else you would like to add?