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Student Diaries

Student Diaries


Having consulted with a registered homeopath and personally experiencing the positive health benefits which homeopathic treatment can bring, many people become interested in learning more about homeopathy. There is however, a big difference between simply finding out more about homeopathy in general, and committing yourself to the study of homeopathy at a professional level. Most courses listed on this website offer part time training, and this might sound easy to fit in around existing family and work commitments. However in reality, you will be required to work hard in between college days, so you need to be sure from the start that you can balance your study time with all your other responsibilities. If you do decide to go ahead and train as a homeopath, you will find the experience challenging, exciting and deeply rewarding.

To help you to better understand what is involved in the process of training as a homeopath, we have asked students who are currently studying homeopathy, and are in their second year of study or above, to provide us with a monthly diary. These diaries represent a personal account of what it actually means to study homeopathy at the same time as managing everyday family and work commitments. We hope that potential and current students will find the insights provided, both helpful and inspiring.

Academic Year 2016-2017

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Student: Amanda
“Amanda first became interested in homeopathy following successful treatment for her own health issues, which had not responded to mainstream medicine…”

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Student Image Student: Karen
“Karen is at the beginning of her third and final year of study. Her first diary entry (October 2016) provides the reader with some background information, explaining how Karen first ‘discovered’ homeopathy…”

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