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The Homeopathy College

Homeopathy Course:

The Homeopathy College


College Name:
The Homeopathy College

454 Hagley Road West,
B68 0DL.

Phone-Number: 01803 865 780 or 0121 423 1914
Principal: Christopher Hammond

Member of the HCPF
HCPF QAVS s Approved

Type of Course:
4 years Part time – 11 weekends per year.

Roughly £2,850 per annum rising with inflation.

What other expenses are to be expected?
Books are the biggest other expense whilst you build your collection. Allow at least £300 in the first year and reducing sums in subsequent years.

Entry requirement:
Willingness to enter into a process of change and personal development in a place of safety and nourishment. The capacity to develop a passion for homeopathy and to learn. Entry is by informal interview.

Time commitment for each of the following: (contact time, study time and clinical training)
Contact time at college weekends consists of 11 weekends per year, 6 hour long sessions each day (with breaks) for 4 years.
Study time varies enormously between students according to their needs, desires and capacities. We suggest around 10 hours a week.

Clinical training in our student clinics is over 100 hours. In addition, students will be taking their own cases throughout the course, with a network of support.

What facilities does your college offer:
Students are supported by a separate member of staff who is available throughout teaching weekends. She is a skilled healer and supporter of personal development as well as being a good listening ear for anyone needing to talk. We have our own building with teaching rooms, refreshment space, library, clinic, remedy pharmacy and a small garden for parties on sunny days.

How can prospective students find out more about your course before committing to study with you?
Prospective students are strongly urged to come and sit in on a college weekend. We want them to be sure that this is what they are looking for and it gives us a chance to meet them (which is our informal interview) and for them to meet us and other students. Ricardo Semler in a TED talk about his company management style and interviewing new employees, said something like this – “After their interview we get them to come back and join in. We want them to see if any our bullshit advertising is for real or not!”.

What are your term dates/college weekends:

October 2018 – July 2019 – Contact us directly for more details

Course Information

blueCrossWhat do you consider to be the main strengths of your course?


blueCrossWhat different learning styles are offered and how are they supported?


blueCrossHow is clinical training delivered and when do students start to see patients?


blueCrossHow are students supported during their training and beyond?


blueCrossHow do students develop the skills to balance and maintain their own health and wellbeing, whilst functioning as an effective practitioner?


blueCrossHow is progress assessed?


blueCrossHow are your teachers supported and enabled to teach well?


blueCrossIs there anything else you would like to add?