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Homeopathy Training UK (HT) represents the independent voice of homeopathy training and education in the UK.

HT is an independent, voluntary organisation, which works closely with the main professional registers and regulators of homeopathy, in order to provide a high standard of training for our future homeopaths.

HT is committed to the promotion of excellence within the profession, through upholding the philosophy and principles inherent in homeopathy, and by promoting, reviewing and maintaining high professional standards of education and training.

HT also facilitates and maintains dialogue between the different course providers, and allows them to be represented in all forums that affect education and training in homeopathy. This ensures that the group plays an active role in influencing and informing the policies and procedures which relate to the ongoing development of the profession. The combined experience of the training providers working together has resulted in the creation of a unique and innovative forum, where the principles of best practice can be shared and further developed, for the benefit of students and their future patients.

HT has developed the voluntary quality assurance scheme referred to as ‘QAVS‘.

For more information about QAVS and the HT, click here.

Homeopathy Course Providers Forum - Quality Assurance Validation Scheme

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