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The College of Practical Homeopathy

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College Name:
The College of Practical Homeopathy

The Healthy Living Centre,
282-284 St Pauls Road,
N1 2LH.

Phone-Number: 020 8986 8249
Principal: Ellen Kramer
Tel: 020 8986 8249 or 020 7774 6900

Member of the HCPF
HCPF QAVS s Approved

Homeopathy Course:


Type of Course:
Online Distance and Blended Learning.
3 months to 4 years, depending on course.

A) The Health Factor course is a low-cost introduction to health and healing for you and your family and could lead to a new career in the complementary health sector (3 modules at £225).

B) The Professional Training for Homeopaths – 3 levels
Level 1: The Certificate in Homeopathy.
Level 2: The Diploma in Homeopathy.
Level 3: The Licentiate in Homeopathy.
£2,950 – £3,200 per level, depending on payment method.

C) The Postgraduate Licentiate in Homeopathy for qualified Medical Personnel and CAM Health Practitioners is the most cost- and time- effective way of adding homeopathy to your existing skills (and counts towards your CPD requirements and is a tax deductible expense).
£2,400 – £2,700 per level depending on payment method.

What other expenses are to be expected?
There are no extra charges from CPH but you should budget for non-CPH clinic days or for any external extra supervision and/or ‘sitting-in’ time. These are part of the requirement for students to develop their own local networks (in the UK external tutorials are offered by a number of independent homeopaths and students are encouraged to utilise these. These tutorials vary in cost from free to £20). Overall ancillary costs to CPH students would mainly be for books (which is kept to a minimum as our written material is excellent and most texts are available on the web), student insurance, external clinical hours, simple diagnostic instruments and remedies.

Entry requirement:
Life experience is more important than academic qualifications. The course is offered at NQF levels 4 – 6 so applicants are expected to have a good understanding of written and spoken English as all course materials are in English. (We can, however, provide a range of tutors who are fluent in Japanese, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian). You will require a pc with broadband internet access and Skype as the course is presented through this medium (it is not a correspondence course).

Time commitment for each of the following: (contact time, study time and clinical training)
As online e-learning is not tied to a lecture programme, students may work at whatever pace is suitable for them and set their own targets. However, we encourage students to make contact and produce assignments on a monthly basis (unless otherwise agreed with the tutor). We expect the minimum amount of time taken to complete a module will be between 6 -20 hours depending on the course level and the student’s ability and commitment. Your personal tutor will assist you in achieving whatever goals you set. You can start at any time of the year.

What facilities does your college offer:
• Flexible learning: Online e-learning with your own personal online tutor gives time to ask questions and get to know other students and tutors. CPH can create a programme to suit your needs. For students who like interaction with other students they may attend a recognised CPH hub which includes clinics and tutorial base sessions.

• Accreditation: CPH is the only college to be independently accredited by the BAC (British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and Higher Education) and HCPF (The Homeopathic Course Providers Forum Quality Assurance Scheme).

• Vocational emphasis: CPH teaches from a practical perspective in order to support you in being ready to practice confidently and competently.

• Integrated teaching programme: CPH has a fully integrated programme which combines theory and practice from early on.

• High quality course notes: You will leave with a comprehensive set of notes which will suit your learning needs and act as a source of reference for the rest of your career. This is invaluable information which has been developed from clinical experience and cannot be found in most books or at any other college.

• Tutors: A good tutor should make you think, not tell you what to think! All our tutors have active practices and teach both from the heart and from experience.

• Reputation and recommendation: Take the time to talk to students and graduates to see what they think of CPH.

• Cost: The fees at CPH are very competitive and there are savings in travel costs and time which is very important for many students. When comparing costs of courses you should look at the overall cost, including the number of years and all extras to get a true comparison.

How can prospective students find out more about your course before committing to study with you?
Email or telephone 0208 445 6123 to discuss the options available.

What are your term dates/college weekends:
Online courses may be started at any time. Clinic dates can be obtained by telephoning 020 8986 8249.

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